Responsive Website

Does your small business need a website?

The answer is simple, YES!

If your customers can't locate you using their smart phone and google maps, they probably aren't walking through your door.

People are no longer using the phonebook to find a place to eat, locate a business, and look up phone numbers. They are using apps on their tablets and smart phones, google maps and google searches, and social media websites like facebook, twitter, and instagram. This is how people are connecting with each other today and how your business needs to connect with people.

If your small business isn't showing up in google search results, then you are risking losing hundreds or even thousands of potential customers each year. Why not embrace the future and take advantage of the convenience of modern technology?

Having a website will:

  • Create an online presence for your small business that will help you appear in online searches and direct customers to your front doors.
  • Provide your customers with easily obtainable information such as: hours of operation, phone number, address and services offered.
  • Add credibility to your small business and set you apart from your competition. When two businesses offer the same services, your online presence will become the tie breaker.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that adjusts to the particular devince on which you are viewing the website.

Why do you need a responsive website?

Because it is better and your competitors are doing it.

People are now consuming their information on a variety of different devices, you need a website that adjusts to your user and potential customer. According to, if your business does not have a responsive website in the year 2014, you are in danger of going out of business.

If you've ignored previous warnings and your business isn't taking advantage of responsive web design right now or planning on it in the very near futureyou are in danger of going out of business in 2014.

We build simple, affordable, responsive websites for small businesses using WordPress.

Do you know anything about html and the coding language? Do you want to pay someone each month to manage your website? For the majority of small business owners, the answer to these two questions is With wordpress, you dont have to.

Reasons to choose wordpress for your website:

  • Editing content is as simple as editing a word document, if you can work a computer you can update your website.
  • Search engines can easily access information on wordpress websites because of the simplicity, helping your business appear higher in the search results.
  • The cost of developing and maintaining wordpress websites are minimal in comparison to other types of websites available.
  • Responsive websites (Websites that automatically format to your desktop, laptop, ipad, smart phone or any other device). See the image below

Responsive Website
Why should your small business choose a wordpress website?